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Take the Hassle Out of Limited Company Finances

With Phillips & Co. as your dedicated Chester accountants, you’ll finally be free of financial frustrations. We simplify everything for your limited company:

    • Effortless Management: Bookkeeping, tax prep, and strategic planning – we handle it all, you focus on your business.
    • Complete Compliance: Rest easy knowing tax rules and regulations are followed to the letter.
    • Expert Growth Advice: Get personalised insights from our seasoned accountants to fuel your company’s success.
    • Cost-Effective Peace of Mind: Clear pricing structures and flexible plans – great value from your local accounting experts.

Our Comprehensive Services for Limited Companies in Chester:

    • Flawless Bookkeeping: Every transaction tracked for clear financial health.
    • Payroll Done Right: Employees paid accurately & on time, with full compliance.
    • Proactive Tax Planning: We keep your corporation tax bill to the absolute minimum.
    • Strategic Financial Guidance: Achieve your goals with our personalised support.

The Phillips & Co. Difference:

    • Deep Chester Knowledge: We understand the unique needs of limited companies in our area.
    • Exceptional Client Care: Your dedicated accountant is there for you every step of the way.
    • Commitment to Your Success: Our goal is to see your Chester business flourish.

Ready to Unleash Your Limited Company’s Potential?

  • Predictable Pricing: No hidden fees. Plans starting at £60/month, tailored to your company’s needs.

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    Accountants Chester: FAQ’S

    Do you legally need an accountant for a limited company?

    While there’s no legal requirement to hire an accountant for a limited company in the UK, seeking help from experienced accountants in Chester is highly recommended. Here’s why:

      • Navigating Complexity: Accountants ensure you adhere to complex financial regulations for limited companies, helping you avoid costly penalties.
      • Accuracy and Efficiency: They meticulously prepare and file your accounts and tax returns, saving you time and minimizing errors.
      • Tax Optimisation: Accountants in Chester can identify tax-saving strategies tailored to your limited company’s situation.
      • Strategic Advice: Beyond compliance, accountants offer valuable insights and support to optimise your financial health and support long-term growth.

    Remember: While you can technically handle your limited company accounts yourself, the expertise and peace of mind provided by accountants in Chester make them an invaluable asset for many businesses.

    If you’d like to discuss your limited company’s accounting needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to qualified accountants in Chester.

    How much is an accountant for a small company?

    The cost of an accountant for a small company varies depending on your specific needs, the accountant’s experience, and location. Here’s a breakdown of common pricing models and what to expect when looking for accountants in Chester:

    Pricing Models:

      • Monthly Retainer: Many accountants offer monthly packages that include core services like bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial reporting. This is ideal for businesses needing consistent support. Expect to pay anywhere from £60 to £450+ per month depending on the package’s scope.
      • Hourly Rates: Some accountants charge hourly fees, typically ranging from £25 to £150+ per hour depending on their expertise and the service. This is suitable for occasional consultations or project-based work.
      • Fixed-Fee: Accountants may offer fixed fees for specific services like annual tax returns or setting up accounting systems. This provides predictable costs.

    Factors Affecting Cost:

      • Business Size and Complexity: Companies with more transactions and complex financial structures will naturally require more accounting support, increasing costs.
      • Services Needed: Basic bookkeeping is less expensive than comprehensive packages that include payroll, tax planning, and advisory services.

    Accountants Chester:

    Accountants in Chester generally align with the national pricing trends. When searching for an accountant, always get quotes from multiple providers, outlining your specific needs, to get an accurate cost estimate.

    Important: Choosing an accountant based solely on price isn’t recommended. Look for experienced professionals with a good reputation and understanding of small businesses in your industry.

    How do I find a company’s accountant?

    Finding a company’s accountant can give you insights into their financial practices and overall business health. Here are a few effective methods:

    1. Companies House Website:

    2. Company’s Website or Annual Reports:

    • Look for an “Investor Relations” or “Contact Us” section on their website. You might find accounting firm information there.
    • Publicly traded companies often list their auditors within their annual reports.

    3. Direct Contact:

      • Simply phone or email the company and ask for their accountant’s information. Be prepared to explain your reason for the inquiry.

    4. Professional Networks:

      • LinkedIn can help locate individuals working at an accounting firm potentially linked to the company.
      • If interested in using the same accountant, consider seeking recommendations from business networks.

    5. Accountants in Chester:

      • Research “accountants Chester” to find firms specializing in working with businesses like the one you’re investigating.
      • Local accountants might have knowledge of the company and its financials.

    Important: Be aware that not all companies are obligated to publicly disclose their accountant’s details. If all else fails, consider looking for accountants in Chester who might have familiarity with the company or its industry.

    What is the biggest accounting firm in the uk?

    While the biggest accounting firm in the UK (currently PwC) might offer a wide range of services, they may not always be the ideal fit for your specific business needs. It’s important to focus on finding the right accounting firm, regardless of size. Accountants in Chester can offer personalized services, local knowledge, and often more competitive rates than large national firms. They can provide the essential accounting support your business needs to succeed.

    When choosing an accounting firm, consider:

      • Expertise: Do they have experience with your industry and the specific services you need?
      • Accessibility: Are they responsive and easy to communicate with?
      • Fee structure: Is their pricing transparent and do they offer value for money?
      • Reputation: Check out reviews and client testimonials.

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