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Chester businesses trust Accountants Chester for reliable accounting solutions. Hear from clients themselves:

  • “After 40 odd years and countless accountants, I’ve never experienced such brilliant, professional service!”
  • “Over 50 years of using accountants, and this company stands out as the best ever!”
  • “Friendly, professional, and easy to communicate with – Accountants Chester are a perfect combination!”
jay s
Really approachable team, superb knowledge of Business and CIS tax. Excellent service and very reasonable price
Neil Ferguson
I feel that it is important to express my whole hearted appreciation of Accountants Chester for their work in.preparing my accounts which they did recently. Having been in business for 40 odd years with numerous accountants I have never had such a brilliant and professional service.I do thoroughly recommend them
John Prizeman
In over 50 years of using accountancy services, this company is the best ever found. Superb service and highly recommended.
Jamie Graham
Great service, communication especially fast, kept us informed throughout. Online filing area pleasure to use.
Christina Saunders
I was reluctant to switch from my trusted bookkeeper to an accountant but it was becoming increasingly obvious I needed an accountant to prepare & sign off my limited company’s end of year accounts. Finally made the leap which Mark & Terry have made painless! They’ve been very patient & professional. Communication has been prompt & clear. I’d definitely recommend.
Stephanie Lobo
Absolutely made up with the service and attention to detail by Mark and Terry Very happy with the systems in place and the savings and efficiency. They pay meticulous attention to every tiny querie I have and are very good with evaluation and solutions at every step of the way.
Terry and his team provided an excellent service throughout and dealt with stumbling blocks with patience and professionalism. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Millie Feroze
I've been with Phillips & Co since becoming self employed and opening my pilates studio in Chester. They are brilliant, efficient and happy to answer my endless stream of questions. Highly recommend!

Accountants Chester – Phillips & Co: Grow Your Business with Confidence.

  • Chartered Certified Accountants Chester,
  • Xero Partner & Certified Advisor
  • 130+ 5-Star Reviews,
  • Serving Chester and Beyond Since 2012.

Accountants Chester You Can Trust: Phillips & Co.

Since 2012, we’ve been the go-to choice for businesses and individuals needing:

    • Chester Business Tax Returns & Accounting
    • Individual Self-Assessment Support
    • Time-Saving Bookkeeping Solutions
    • Company Secretarial Compliance
    • Payroll Done Right

Why Chester business and individuals’ Choose Accountants Chester:

    • Tailored Plans for Your Chester Business Growth
    • Maximise Tax Savings with Chester’s Accounting Experts
    • Latest Cloud Accounting for Accuracy & Efficiency
    • 90+ Chester Clients Give Us a Google Rating of 4.9
    • ACCA & Xero Certified: Your Guarantee of Quality

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At Phillips & Co., we offer transparent pricing tailored to your unique needs. Accountants Chester provide the support your Chester business deserves. Contact us for a free quote today.

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See how our Chester-based accounting experts can simplify your business or personal finances. Your no-obligation quote from Accountants Chester includes:

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    • Questions? Accountants Chester are here to help! Call or WhatsApp us at +44(1244) 220-062.
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Experienced Accountants Chester. Providing accounting, tax, bookkeeping and company secretarial services. View a selection of our client logos & see how we can help you!

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Accountants Chester: Maximise Tax Savings For Your Small Business

Accountants Chester for Individuals & Businesses: Expertise You Can Trust

Need a Chester-based accountant? We deliver accurate financials, strategic tax planning, stress-free bookkeeping, and growth-focused business consulting services.

    • Maximise Your Bottom Line: Proactive tax strategies minimise liability.
    • Focus on What Matters: We handle the books, you build your business.
    • Insight-Driven Advice: Data-backed consulting fuels smart decision-making.
    • Payroll Peace of Mind: Compliant payroll management, every time.
    • Serving Chester & Beyond: Comprehensive accounting support, near and far.

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Accountants chester | expert accounting services in chester



Accountants chester | expert self-assessment services in chester

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Accountants chester | expert accounting services in chester.



Accountants chester | expert payroll services in chester



Accountants chester | expert business services in chester



Accountants chester | expert bookkeeping services in chester



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Accountants chester | expert management accounts services in chester



Your Local Experts for Business Success

Founded by a Chester father-son team, Accountants Chester delivers expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of local business needs.


  • Certified Expertise: Ensure accuracy and tax efficiency.
  • Up-to-Date Knowledge: Navigate complex regulations with confidence.
  • Local Focus: Solutions tailored by Accountants Chester to succeed in the Chester market.
  • Xero Certified: Streamlined bookkeeping with leading software.
  • Full-Service Accounting: Tax, payroll, consulting, and more.
  • Personalised Approach: Accountants Chester are invested in your business goals.

Why Choose Us? 60+ years experience, 4.9-star Google rating, flexible online & in-person service, fair pricing.

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Chester Accountants: Simplified Accounting for Your Business

Need Accountants Chester? We make managing your finances hassle-free!

    • Smooth Accountant Switching in Chester: Leave the paperwork to us.
    • Easy Accounting Setup for New Chester Businesses: Get started right with our guidance.
    • Chester-based Personalised Support: Accountants Chester are here to help.

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      Accountants Chester share regular updates and advice on:

        • HMRC Updates: Understand the latest changes and how they affect your business.
        • Tax-Saving Strategies: Proactive tips to optimise your finances.
        • Chester Business Trends: Stay ahead with local market knowledge.

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      Unlock hidden savings with accountants chester

      Accountants Chester - Tax Tip No. 61

      Unlock Hidden Savings

      26 February 2024

      Looking to simplify your employee benefits administration in Chester? Payroll benefits offer a convenient way to handle taxable benefits in kind (BIK) for your employees.

      Accountants Chester explain payroll benefits.

      Instead of reporting BIKs on employees’ P11Ds at the end of the tax year, you can “payroll” them, treating them as part of their regular salary. This simplifies the process for both you and your employees.

      Key Points about Payroll Benefits:

      • Registration: Employers must register to payroll benefits before the start of the tax year they wish to implement it.
      • Ongoing registration: Once registered, benefits remain so until deregistered before the following tax year.
      • Tax treatment: Payroll benefits are treated as additional salary for tax purposes, impacting gross pay and tax calculations.
      • National Insurance: Payroll benefits are generally exempt from Class 1…

      For more information, see Unlock Hidden Savings: Your Guide to Payroll Benefits in Kind

      Accountants chester | handle motoring expenses & national insurance contributions (nic) efficiently

      Accountants Chester - Tax Tip No. 60

      Relevant Motoring Costs & NIC

      22 February 2024

      If your Chester-based business has employees who use their personal cars for work, understanding mileage allowances and reimbursements is important. Here’s the key information:

      • Tax-Free Mileage: Employees can receive tax-free allowances for business miles driven in their own car. This is currently 45p per mile for the first 10,000 business miles in the tax year, dropping to 25p per mile thereafter.
      • National Insurance (NI): NI rules are similar, but calculated differently. You can disregard an amount for NI purposes based on 45p per mile for all business mileage driven within an earnings period.
      • Recent Changes: A tribunal decision expanded the definition of what counts as car-related expenses for NI purposes. This means car allowances may now be partially disregarded for NI calculations, potentially resulting in lower NI contributions.

      Accountants Chester Summarise What This Means for Chester Businesses…

      For more information, see Accountants Chester: Understand Relevant Motoring Expenditure and NIC Refunds

      Accountants chester | grow your retirement savings with expert financial planning

      Accountants Chester - Tax Tip No. 59

      Boost Your Pension Before April

      12 February 2024

      Maximising Your Pension Before April: Expert Help for Chester Residents

      With the tax year-end approaching on April 6th, 2024, now is the time to review your pension contributions and ensure you’re making the most of potential tax benefits. Don’t let unused annual allowances from the 2020/21 tax year and onwards go to waste – the deadline to act is fast approaching.

      Why Expert Accountants Chester Make a Difference

      Navigating the intricacies of pension contributions, especially under the changing regulations, can be daunting. Accountants Chester specialise in offering tailored guidance based on your unique financial circumstances. Let’s break down why their expertise is essential:

      • Understanding Earnings Caps: Tax-relieved personal contributions to pension schemes come with a 100% earnings cap (or £3,600 gross as a minimum). Accountants Chester can assess your income, especially involving company dividends, to optimize your contributions...

      For more information, see Boost Your Retirement Savings Before April Deadline

        Accountant fees in Chester can vary considerably depending on factors such as experience, firm size, services offered, and the complexity of your needs. Here’s a general guideline:

        • Hourly Rates: Expect to pay around £150-£300 per hour for accountants in Chester.
        • Project-Based Fees: Many accountants offer fixed fees for specific projects like tax returns or annual accounts. These can range from £500-£5000, depending on the work involved.

        Accountant fees can seem high, and there are legitimate reasons why this might be the case:

          • Complexity of your finances: The more complex your tax situation (business ownership, investments, multiple income streams), the more time and expertise your accountant needs, increasing costs.
          • Experience and location: Highly qualified accountants in areas like Chester may charge more due to their expertise and overheads.
          • Scope of services: If you require services beyond basic tax returns (payroll, bookkeeping, financial advising), those add to the fees.

        What to do if you’re concerned about costs:

          • Ask for transparency: Request a clear breakdown of your accountant’s fees and an explanation of what each service covers.
          • Compare quotes: Get quotes from several Chester-based accountants to find competitive rates.
          • Discuss potential savings: Ask your accountant if there are ways to simplify your financial records to reduce the time they spend on your account.
          • Consider alternatives: For simpler tax situations, you might explore online tax preparation software or less experienced accountants with lower fees.

        Remember, a good accountant can save you money in the long run by ensuring compliance, finding deductions, and providing valuable financial advice. The initial investment may be worth it.

        Who are the Big 4 accountants UK?

        The Big 4 accounting firms in the UK are:

          • Deloitte
          • Ernst & Young (EY)
          • KPMG
          • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

        These international firms offer a wide range of audit, tax, consulting, and advisory services. While they do not typically focus on serving smaller businesses or individuals in local areas like Chester, understanding the Big 4 is helpful when comparing the scale and reputation of other accounting firms.

        Looking for accountants in Chester? Consider these factors:

          • Specialisation: Do you need help with personal tax returns, small business accounting, or complex financial matters? Look for firms with relevant expertise.
          • Location: Prioritize convenience, whether that’s an office near Chester or an accountant offering virtual services.
          • Fees: Obtain quotes and compare pricing structures to find an affordable accountant that fits your budget.

        Finding the right personal accountant is important for managing your finances effectively. Here’s how to find one in the UK:

        Determine your needs: Consider the specific services you’ll require:

        Self-assessment tax returns

        Business tax advice


        Financial planning

        Specialist areas (e.g., property investment, capital gains)

        Qualifications matter: Look for accredited accountants:

        Chartered Accountant (ACA or FCA)

        Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) – such as Accountants Chester.

        These designations mean they meet rigorous professional standards.

        Local or online? Decide what works best for you:

        Local accountants (like those in Chester) offer face-to-face meetings and a possible familiarity with your area.

        Online accountants often provide cost-effective services and flexibility.

        Get recommendations:

        Ask trusted friends, family, or colleagues for referrals.

        Check online review sites, but use them with caution.

        Schedule consultations:

        Meet with a few accountants to discuss your needs, their fees, and how they work.

        Ask about their experience with clients similar to you.

        Important Factors:

        Communication style: You need an accountant you can communicate with easily.

        Fee structure: Ensure you understand their charges and billing methods.

        Technology: Do they use modern accounting software and offer secure online communication?

        Finding a personal accountant near you, such as in Chester, offers the added benefit of potential in-person support. Use directories or search terms like “accountants Chester” to get started.

        Need Accountants Chester? Contact Phillips & Co. for personalised accounting advice. While our website offers helpful information, always consult a professional for decisions impacting your finances. Laws and regulations change, and we cannot be liable for outdated information. External links are for reference but may not be secure. Accountants Chester | Phillips & Co | Accountancy & Tax