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    • Easily Accessible: Located on Chantry Court, just off Sealand Road.
    • Major Routes: Quick access from the A55 Expressway, M53, and M56 motorways.
    • City Center or Surrounding Areas: Simple to reach, wherever you’re based in Chester.

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    • In-Person Meetings: Schedule a visit to our Chester office.
    • Remote Options: We also offer phone, email, and video conferencing.

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Accountants Chester: Business Launch & Growth Support

Chester Accountants for Startups & Growing Businesses

New Venture? Phillips & Co. Has You Covered: Launch your business with confidence! We provide expert accounting and tax services designed specifically for startups in the Chester area. Get the tailored support you need to set a strong financial foundation.

Seeking a Smoother Switch? We Make Transitions Easy: Our Chester team simplifies the process, handling all the details of the switch and minimizing disruption to your business.

Here’s How We Help:

    • Strategic Guidance: Optimise your finances from day one.
    • Compliance Expertise: We keep you on the right side of tax laws.
    • Growth Support: Scalable solutions as your business expands.
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Accountants Chester: Ready to Connect?

At Phillips & Co., we can help you with all your accounting, tax, start-up, business, payroll, and virtual finance needs.

Here’s how we can help:

    • Simplify your bookkeeping: Say goodbye to tedious data entry and error-prone spreadsheets. We’ll handle your bookkeeping efficiently and accurately, so you can focus on what you do best.
    • Stay on top of taxes: We’ll help you navigate the ever-changing tax landscape and ensure you’re compliant with all regulations.
    • Make smart business decisions: We’ll provide you with the financial insights you need to make informed decisions about your business.
    • Get expert advice: Our team of experienced accountants is always here to answer your questions and provide personalised advice.

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Accountants Chester: Exceeding Expectations

“Delighted with the service!” says Beverley Dawson, ThinkTank Management Consultancy Ltd., after switching to Phillips & Co. for her annual financials and tax return.

Here’s why she highly recommends us:

    • Fast and accurate work: No more waiting around – Phillips & Co. gets the job done efficiently and precisely.
    • Responsive and helpful: Got questions? Our team is always quick to provide clear and informative answers.

    Accountants Chester: FAQ’S

    Do accountants give free advice?

    That depends on the accountant and the scope of the advice you need. Here’s the breakdown:

      • Initial consultations: Many accountants in Chester offer a free initial consultation. This is a great chance to get a feel for the accountant’s expertise, whether they suit your needs, and the cost of their services.
      • Simple questions: Some accountants might be willing to answer quick, basic tax or accounting questions over the phone or via email for free.
      • Community Resources: Local organizations or the government might provide free basic tax or business advice. Consider searching for “free business support Chester” or “tax resources Chester”.
      • Complex advice: For in-depth advice, business strategy, tax planning, or dealing with complicated financial situations, accountants will usually charge a fee. This ensures they dedicate the necessary time and resources to giving you the best possible guidance.

    How much does it cost to hire an accountant?

    The cost of hiring an accountant in Chester can vary depending on a few factors:

      • The size and complexity of your business: Larger businesses and those with intricate financial structures will naturally require more accounting support, leading to higher costs.
      • The accountant’s experience and qualifications: More experienced accountants, especially those with specialised qualifications, will often charge higher hourly or project-based rates.
      • The specific services you need: Basic bookkeeping may be less expensive than comprehensive services like tax planning, auditing, or business consulting.
      • Location within Chester: Costs may fluctuate slightly between different areas within Chester.

    Here’s a general guideline to give you an idea:

      • Sole traders and very small businesses might find accountants in Chester charging between £50 – £100+ per hour.
      • Larger businesses can expect to pay upwards of £100 – £200+ per hour depending on the complexity of the work.

    To get the most accurate estimate:

      • Contact several accounting firms in Chester. Many accountants in Chester provide free initial consultations where they can assess your business needs and offer a tailored quote.
      • Be specific about the services you require. This will help the accountant give you a more precise estimate.

    Remember: While cost is important, hiring a knowledgeable accountant who understands your business is a valuable investment. If you’re looking for recommendations, try searching for top “Accountants Chester”.

    How do I find a good accountant UK?

    Finding the right accountant can make a huge difference to your business and financial wellbeing. Here’s a strategy, especially if you’re located in or near Chester:

    1. Define Your Needs: Consider the level of support you require. Do you need basic bookkeeping and tax returns, or complex financial advice for growth? Understanding your needs helps narrow your search.

    2. Check Qualifications: Look for accountants who are members of recognized professional bodies like:

      • ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)
      • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
      • CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

    These qualifications ensure high standards of knowledge and ethical practice.

    3. Seek Recommendations: Ask for referrals from friends, business contacts, or local networks in Chester. Word-of-mouth recommendations are often a reliable sign of quality service.

    4. Focus on Specialization: Do you need an accountant with industry-specific experience? If your business has unique needs, seek someone who understands your sector. Search terms like “accountants Chester construction” can pinpoint such specialists.

    5. Arrange Consultations: Contact shortlisted accountants and schedule introductory meetings. Ask about their services, fees, and experience working with businesses like yours.

    6. Gauge Compatibility: A good accountant is more than just a service provider, they’re a financial partner. Assess whether you feel comfortable with their communication style and approach.

    Additional Tips for Finding Accountants in Chester:

    Choosing the right accountant is a worthwhile investment. Take your time to find someone who will be a true advocate for your financial success.

    How do I talk to my accountant?

    Technically, yes, you can prepare your own end-of-year accounts. However, the complexity of the process and the potential for errors often make it a wiser choice to work with professionals, especially if you’re running a limited company.

    Factors to consider before doing it yourself:

      • Accounting Knowledge: Do you have a strong grasp of accounting principles, tax laws, and the specific reporting requirements for your business structure?
      • Software: Are you comfortable using accounting software, or are you willing to invest the time to learn?
      • Time: Completing accounts accurately takes significant time. Do you have the bandwidth to handle this alongside your other business responsibilities?
      • Potential risks: Even small errors in your accounts can lead to fines, tax penalties, and damage to your company’s reputation.

    Reasons to consider Accountants Chester:

      • Compliance: Accountants in Chester ensure your accounts meet all legal requirements and deadlines, avoiding costly penalties.
      • Accuracy: They minimise the risk of errors and discrepancies that could negatively impact your financial standing.
      • Tax optimisation: Accountants help you identify and claim legitimate deductions, potentially saving you money.
      • Peace of mind: Knowing your accounts are in expert hands frees you to focus on running your business.

    Ultimately, the decision depends on your comfort level and the complexity of your business. If you’re unsure, consulting with accountants in Chester can help you assess the best approach for your situation.

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