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Startup Services

Starting your own business can be an exciting but daunting time. Professional accountancy advice and guidance from the outset can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the long run.

Most people starting up in business do so because they have a good business proposition, along with the enterprising nature and enduring commitment to see it through. However, they may not be experts in the financial aspects of running a new company, and such matters can often appear daunting. The support of a firm of experienced accountants such as Phillips & Co, who specialise in helping startups find their financial feet, can be priceless.

Our Startup service includes:

Deciding on the most suitable structure for your business – ie, whether you will run a more efficient organisation if you are registered as a sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company;

Company formation;

Preparing business plans, cashflow projections, budgets, and trading forecasts;

Assessing your financial requirements, advising on the best sources of finance and drawing up the necessary proposals;

Completing any necessary registration procedures with Companies House and HMRC;

Dealing with company secretarial issues;

Recommending suitable bookkeeping software to use;

Keeping on top of bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and other accounting requirements; and

Helping with all aspects of business compliance and administration.

We provide a fast, friendly and fully responsive accounting service at all times. We know what it’s like to start up a new business – we’ve been there!. We are committed to ensuring your new enterprise finds its feet and grows from strength to strength